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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  February 20, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> we will treasure the won we have left, completely. >> sue, warm temperatures. >> starting out mild and it is going to be mild but you are right we have to get through this fog, first so a soupy start to the day. we're still going with a 10 with all this fog, so, maybe, down to a nine because it is difficult to get where you ar inging this morning but do you not need to bundle up. here's your dense fog advisory every single county in your viewing area is included, and it is in effect, until 10:00 o'clock this morning. that is how long, this fog, could stick around. >> one thing, we don't have is any rain on ultimate doppler radar. fifty-one in wilmington. forty-four in mount pocono. and, snow. 54 degrees in atlantic city. fifty-five in dover. mostly cloudy skies today and despite that it will still be unusually mild with a high temperature of 72 degrees, and that is going to break a record if we get there, the record is zero seven bob kelly and it has been standing since
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1930. it business time we broke it. >> i have brought my white patent leather shoes in just in case we do hit that 7o you let me know. >> no problem. >> weak put them on. good morning. we have some fog here and some construction on our tuesday morning, first day back after a holiday, it is always rough for everybody because everybody is heading back to school and everybody is head back to work. blue route southbound on the ramp to the schuylkill expressway left over construction. here's a live lot at ben franklin bridge all of the bridges this morning have speed restrictions because of the thick fog so be careful, driving, clear, and then bam, out of no where we have got a thick wall of fog this morning live look from the new jersey side, to kind of give you an idea you can barely see any of the tall sky scrapers here in center city. this is left over the other day, chestnut street still block between fourth and second so they are pushing everybody off at fourth street now this morning, and that is going to be the deal through the morning rush hour, so,
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just allow some extra time, especially taking the kids down to the american revolution, museum today for maybe a little class trip. accident willow grove easton road right at pennsy turnpike and just watch for construction zone out here on route 422. roads are wet, we are dealing with the thick fog but mass transit so far so good, thomas and karen, back over to you. let's take a live look outside because we have got fog, socking us in. this is the live look at the pennsylvania, way, foggy scene there and all over, coming in through fairmount park area, and it was really thick as pea soup, so lets get out to steve keeley in camden county, new jersey, steve, good morning. >> reporter: this is the best visibility i have seen all day i could not see to the even of my driveway. i don't have a half mile driveway but i could only see two car lengths on my street, and then, even worse, getting to the betsy ross bridge, betsy ross bridge i tweet aid
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picture you could not see more three lane lines painted in front of you, speed limit down to 25. i didn't expect to see ben franklin bridge as well as do i see it, and we cannot see towers, they have red lights blinking for the air traffic, and, good thing there is no air traffic right now, because you cannot see those towers or red lights on top. they are supposed to hopefully cut through some fog. but very surprising that we could see across the delaware river, maybe not sky line, and , with perfect timing, here comes the first line of the patco high speed line rumbling across just two cars this early but the fact that we can see it, hear it. usually we can only hear tonight thick fog. we can see it. good sign it is running. number two visibility not so bad on the ben franklin bridge like it is further north on the betsy ross and tacony palmyra bridge, so, depending on where you are, that is how bad the fog could be and how much it could change because we whereby cooper river 45 minutes ago, and fellow across
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had his headlights on and you could sea water droplets so thick it looks like we are in the drizzle storm, with rain, but it is just fog, so, take it easy, and again, slow down because not only is visibility down but everything is wet, so you can slide reallies i on the roads as well. bob kelly, i asked for a vote, on that shirt collar, and it seems to me raspberry and all you need is that raspberry bar et to match it. find one in the second hand store like prince did you will have a nice outfit. good thing that you have shirt on because i can still see that shirt from camden here, so good visibility, shirt today, bob killie listen, steve keeley that is why i dressed this morning, rodolph with your shirt sobriety. >> now you can see him. >> thanks, steve. we will continue our fashion segment in the 5:00 o'clock hour. lets get you caught up on your top stories this morning. thousands of mondayers gathered all across florida in memory of the 17 students, and
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faculty, who were killed in last week's school shooting in parkland. funeral services were held for two more students, of stoneman douglas high school, 14 year-old elaine petty and 15 year-old luke hoyer, memorials will continue, over the next few days. dozens of survivors, say that they are vowing to pressure law make tours change gun laws, today's the national day of action against gun violence in schools. one hundred students from parkland are busing to tallahassee to rally for gun control, and then tomorrow, they plan to hold, similar demonstration in washington. meanwhile confessed shooter remains in prison without bail following his court appearance yesterday. the public defender for nikolas cruz said he will see a guilty plea and life sentence to avoid a, death penalty. judge ordered the release of state record, they show cruz admitted to feeling depressed months before the shooting, but, counselors determined that the 19 year-old was not a threat to himself or others. and back here at home, a
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teen walks up to the doors of the north philadelphia school with a gun, lauren johnson joining us from fredrick douglas master charter school this morning. what happened there, lauren. >> reporter: philadelphia police released this surveillance video. it happened right here in front of the school last thursday but we're just getting our hands on it, a day after a lone gunman went on a deadly shooting spree. lets show you video clip watch as the young man walks toward fredrick douglas mastery charter school. you see him show a gun and appears he cock that weapon before he puts it back in his coat pocket. this is moments before he tries to get inside the school 's front doors this he were lock. he left. in the before he was caught on several cameras. the school is under heavy surveillance and once inside the schools, the doors there are metal detectors for student, staff, visitors. one woman has two brothers who attend that school. >> i feel as though kids should, i think they should be
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banning guns, period, toy guns , take them off the market , you know, change the laws on those. it is not the school, it is not the person, it is when they get the gun in the hand they feel as though they are tough. >> reporter: last week nikolas cruz took an uber to his former student, and then went on a deadly shooting rampage. this was second time after that florida shooting massacre , where the threat of a gun here in philadelphia caused panic last friday, as a student tipped off police after which she saw was later discovered to be a toy gun at wagner middle school. as for this case, police are still searching for the young man seen in this surveillance video. they tell us he is a young black man, 13 to 16 years old, thin build, he business 5 feet five tall, and they don't know if he was student at a school at this hour but they want to know exactly hoe was who walk up boldly to front door, thomas and karen. >> all so chilling, thank you, lauren.
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4:07. fire crews were busy after a fire broke out inside a row home in cobbs creek, this was just before 2:00 this morning, on the 700 block of south cecil street, fire fighters say, that the flames were on the second floor, you can see them busy working there inside they get it under control in 20 minutes no injuries. investigators are trying to figure out a cause. popular philadelphia radio host is facing sexual harassment claims, according to, woman says john dibella sexually harassed her when she worked for his show on 102.9wmgk. jennifer neil has filed a lawsuit listing about 30 cases of improper verbal and physical conduct. suit says that dibowla descrbed his alleged behavior as jokes that were mutual, and we have not been able to reach him for comment. wmgk's parent company, beasley broadcast group, issued a statement saying they take allegations seriously but they are not ready to make a comment. 4:08. happening right now search is on for a man who kicked a pregnant woman in her belly,
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this happened back on february t dunkin' donuts on the 1,000 block of arc street, police say the man in his early 20's asked would the man for a few dollars. when she said she didn't have it, there is our suspect, police say he kick her in her stomach. >> the random violence of it is just terrible, for somebody just standing there five months pregnant, terrible. >> reporter: he wanted two bucks. >> two bucks. >> reporter: she didn't have it. >> it is a sin, darn sin, and they caught the man? >> no, they have not caught him, but the woman and unborn baby they rush them over to the hospital, they have been since released from the hospital. teenage boy walking home last night gunned down in olney, philadelphia police are searching for his killer. they say that person shot the 19 year-old in the head this was at seventh and gaining, medics pronounced him dead at the scene just before 6:30. police are talking to neighbors and checking to see if surveillance cameras are
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around. search is on for killer of the young man in hunting park. police say he shot just before 5:00 yesterday evening at 13th and west pike street. they rush the man in his late 20's to temple where he died. we have an update on the story we first told but yesterday morning right here on good day in, south jersey investigators are trying to figure out what start that had massive fire that destroyed an ambulance squad's building and the ambulances inside, you can see what is left right there, not much, the american legion ambulance association of wood town is estimated to be two million-dollar, that is the damage, from that fast moving fire that broke out about 4:00 n mapel court, it took two hours , to fight that fire, in one was hurt. meanwhile chestnut street is expected to remain closed at lee through the morning, investigators still don't know what sparked a huge fire that gutted buildings along the 200 block in olde city. they say that 239 chestnut right here is unsafe and it will be demolished. several other buildings on the block have smoke, water damage
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from that fire, early yesterday morning. and in fact, guests at best western hotel they were forced out by the fire and they spent much of the day waiting for hotel employees to retrieve whatever they could from the hotel. >> left in a panic, so my phone, wallet, keys, everything back in the room so in order to get home, drive home we needed to get what was left in here. >> all things considered this could have been a whole lot worse. >> absolutely, i consider us so fortunate for having gotten everybody out. >> while there were no human casualties several pets did die in that fire. lets take a good look, do you recognize any of these guys? police need your though track down four of them, after they say they assaulted a man, in center city. it all happened back on february 8th on the 1,000 block of pine street, investigators say that the group punched, kicked a man until he lost consciousness, victim suffered cuts and a broken jaw, if you have any information, call the police. we have new video this
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morning of the vandalism from the eagles parade, police want you to take a look at this right here as we zoom in. they say this group stood on the septa bus shelter at 15th and jfk and they caused to it collapse. if you recognize any of the people in this individual why give police a call. 4:12. crisis averted. >> still ahead here on good day philadelphia, coming up in 90 seconds how police in chicago were able to stop a man from starting a fire on a public train. >> so scary. plus this one, an art heist, how a criminal was able to steel an original sketch pablo picasso. >> check on the roads and transit this morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. roading getting to the airport not bad but we are dealing with thick fog and will take you long they are morning. here's a live look outside philly international. we will have some travel delays. lets get outside other jam cams hello to the parkway hey who took the art museum, it is back around there somewhere, roads are wet,
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welcome back at 4:15 exactly right now. we're so excited for warm weather. >> all of the things we planned to do that we will probably not do like take a walk, sue serio. >> we will have good intentions as we are's taking our nap, thinking oh, it is really nice out there, yeah but here's the thing with all this fog that could have an influence on whether we break a record or not it will still
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be unusually mild today. it already is but check out these visability, it is the thickest fog morning that we have seen in quite a while in philadelphia, quarter mile visibility, three-quarters of a mile in wilmington, quarter mile in lancaster. you get the idea. few places in the so bad around fort dix. atlantic city not socked in yet but just give it time we may see the whole area blanket ed in fog before too long, whole area under a dense fog advisory you know you fog is, comes and goes but this is in effect until 10:00 o'clock this morning, meanwhile these are the records are that are danger and 70 is record for today, setback in 1939, tomorrow's record was setback in 1930, and 72. it will be a close one now that we have a fog factored in and we will see if we will get any sunshine this afternoon, kind of cloudy but we don't have any rain but we have drizzle and drizzle doesn't show up on radar, as much as fog does, so it is not just
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fog, it is a little bit of drizzle as well. 44 degrees in lancaster above freezing in allentown but chillier there. fifty-four in atlantic city. we will look at doyletown at 44 to get started. we are in the 50's in millville. forty-six in cape may. fifty-eight in rehoboth beach. so, for the seven day forecast , it is definitely unusually mild. we are hoping for that record warmth because we like to break the record. tomorrow ease record is probably going to fall with 47 h temperature. more sunshine then we will see today. cold front comes through on thursday, it is chillier, in the 40's thursday and friday but back to the 50's on saturday and sunday. we have showers around. it stays unsettled. nice day, monday next week. even if we don't break the record bob kelly still feeling like springtime today. >> i will get the slip and slide pool out, get that out. >> you could not see it in the fog. >> i don't have the hose turned out, we have to do that
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first. 4:17. look the a the fog here, a mess, a lot going on roads are wet, steve keeley mentioned it , tough to see white painted lane markers when roads are wet, and fog here, watching deer, jumping around roadways this morning, west on the schuylkill expressway down to one lane here working your way out of south philadelphia heading toward center city, crews are still out until 5:30 or so. 422, watch for fog and in the work zone working your way in toward, king of prussia and who took the benny, live look at ben franklin bridge reduced speeds on all bridges down to 25 or 35 depending upon which bridge you take this morning. so, given extra time is easier said then done just allow extra wiggle room between you and set of the brake lights in front of you. thick fog at the airport. we will probably have travel delays. here's i-95 right here near philly international. at the moment you are okay first flight getting out 4:30, 5:00 o'clock hour will be okay
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but throughout the rest of the morning things start to go downhill. ramp closures coming into king of prussia eastbound ramp to route 23 is block you have to use first avenue to gain access into kop, karen and thomas, back to you. thanks, bob. pennsylvania supreme court has created its own map, of congressional districts, and now that court has dominated by democrats and republicans, they are not happy, with this new map of the state's 18 districts. as it stand is it will be in play for the primary may 15th among the changes philadelphia has two districts instead of three, and in the burbs, political analyst say districts in chester, bucks, and delaware counties become more blue in the revised map, last moth state's high court ruled old map was un constitutional, gerrymandered to favor republicans. republicans are expect to challenge the new map in federal court. time is 4:20. president trump takes aim at barack obama in reference to
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accusing 13 russians and several russian companies of meddling in the 2016 presidential election. yesterday the president tweet ed this out, obama was president, up to, and beyond the 2016 election. so why didn't dough something about russian meddling? well, former president did take action, he slapped sanctions on moscow and expelled 35 diplomates in december of 2016, and that happened weeks after the election was held. the kremlin has denied a wealthy entrepreneur with close ties to the russian president vladamire putin funneled money to a so-called troll farm, that farm, according to the fbi sent operatives to the u.s. created fictitious social media accounts and spread message toss influence voters or under mine our political system. putin's spokesperson says it focusond russian nationals and gave no indication that the russian government was involved. now we have created an international incident chinese agencies are condemning the franklin institute.
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earlier this month fbi agents arrested a man from delaware for allegedly breaking off and stealing thumb of the one of the warriors, it is a 2,000 year-old statue, national treasure, split is right here, on loan from china there is the thumb. it was intact. chinese official is accusing the institute of being careless with the artifacts, in an interview that aired yesterday on a chinese tv network. how about this pablo picasso print worth $50,000 is gone. stolen right from a art gallery in wisconsin. 1949 original print, one of the 30 he made, signed with a green crayon in the lower right corner. gallery's art appraiser said thief could have came through an unlock door on friday, and he and his business partner were upstart. gallery does not have surveillance camera but they hope that the camera across the street captured the footage. >> you need better security.
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4:21. looking for love, we have caution for you. >> scammers are looking for more than love, they are looking for your cash, they are on the prowl. guess what, business has been very good, we're talking seven figures. that and more, plus kristin rodgers. >> the phillies had a special guest drop by spring training to get them pumped up for their first day of full squad to get them pumped up for their first day of full squad work outs, hear who it was to get them pumped up for their first day of full squad woryou were borne to travel... borne to rock... borne to piggyback... and you don't want anything stopping you from doing what you love. so if you're looking to give your immune system extra support... only airborne plus beta-immune booster is made with a crafted blend of vitamins and minerals, plus an added ingredient proven to boost your natural defenses. keep doing what you were borne to do. airborne plus beta immune booster.
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good morning aim kristin rodgers. phillies new manager gabe kapler has been preaching to be bold like the eagles. who better to give that message to the team then jason kelce. he helpedded down to spring training for phillies first day of full squad work outs and he told the phillies to not only embrace under dog role but to be honest and push yourself each and every day. >> you have to be aggressive. you have to be confident enough to do, you know, what you think is right. i think sometimes you can, be thrown off by that but at end of the day confidence i think breeds better play. >> major league baseball has officially announced rule change to help pace of play. league is limiting the number of mound visits and reducing time for inning brakes and pitching changes. eagles are still without an offensive coordinator but it looks like they are getting closer. espn reporting what we have been expect ago this doug pederson is interviewing duce staley and receivers coach microto take over at offensive
4:26 am
coordinator. that is sports in a minute. i'm kristin rodgers. coming up at 4:30. >> quite alarming here police are looking for a teenager caught on camera trying to bring a gun into a philadelphia school. we will tell you about the actions the school is taking this morning to keep students safe. and right now, we have a lot of fog, all over the place , hard to see where we are, but, wait, we may hit the 70's today, how about that. let's have a 70's party. bob kelly. >> i got my platform shoes on, you cannot see them now but i'll show them to you later. hello to the shaders, route 73 , maple shade, new jersey, example of the fog and wet road, we will check jam cams and sueby has the
4:27 am
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good morning, that is a live look at wilmington outside we have got some fog, that is all over our area especially in the low lying area and now in the suburbs, so, the good news is, we will see really, warm temperatures. >> it will be nice. also ahead at 11:00 years old you are too young to drive but even watch a pg13 movie so how did that 11 year-old get summoned for jury duty.
4:30 am
scout's honor. >> i was just about to say that, all right. being a celebrity can sometime come with odd hoaxes, latest hollywood star to have reports of his death, be greatly exaggerated. >> he is not, he is alive in case are watching this and see this picture sylvester is alive. great to have you here on this tuesday morning it his 30:00. karen and thomas. >> i'm a little sore from yesterday. >> yes. >> it takes me longer to sit down from all that exercise. it is like waiting to get on the air, i'm riding a bike, okay, here's what we will do, and i realize i'm riding the bike for eight minutes. >> we never gave you an all clear. >> no, still on, still on. >> i'm up next,. >> i'm ride ago this bike, coming up next. it has been 10 minutes. >> we were off the air. >> good to have you here with us. >> good to have you here lets talk about the weather. >> once that if you go clears
4:31 am
you can hop on the real bike and drive on. >> no way. >> for february 20th, this is very unusual, and again, i don't know, still thinking in my mind about a nine or 10 because we have a lot of fog and it will slow you down. temperatures range from the 30 's to the 50's, it just depends where you are and bus stop buddy just has a sweat shirt on because it will be so mild today. here it is dense fog advisory in effect for 10:00 a.m. for visability of the quarter mile or less, nothing on radar there, we can at least see traffic light here in olde city and it is 48 degrees on the southeasterly breeze and 7 . plan on mostly cloudy skies but still unusually mild. we will be lets say between 70 and 72 degrees f we hit that 70-degree mark, bob kelly, that will tie the record for this date set in 1939. >> you know it, come on, open up sun roof, get my white patent leathers outlets go, live look 431, an combination
4:32 am
of wet roads, some fog and left over construction. we have a lot going on here this morning. this is a live look at the blue route southbound ramps to the westbound schuylkill expressway, crew is still out there chestnut street closed here in olde city between fourth and second street, so they are pushing everybody off at fourth street starting this morning and that will ease with traffic control in and around olde city, as a result of that fire, from the weekend , here's a live look at route 37 over maple shade, new jersey, roads are wet, fog comes up on you thick at times so just be ready for that keep speed down and watch it, tough to see lane mark their steve pointed out here earlier, on 422. construction zones are dangerous with the fog and temporarily construction zones they don't always have lane markers printed. here's an example of the socked in fog on the ben franklin bridge all bridges have speed restrictions but mass transit off to a good
4:33 am
start, karen and thomas, back to you. you are seeing that fog every where this morning from delaware into new jersey all the way into pennsylvania, in fact, this is a live look at olde city, philadelphia this morning, that fog will move out later this morning but could impact your drive to work this morning. steve keeley's joining us back over in new jersey, pennsauken route 130 keep your eye on the road, hey there, steve. >> reporter: thomas, the parking lot for my first job and my current job, pub restaurant where i started busing tables in 1976 i have been working hard for 40 some years. too early to do math. sue serio you played a trick on me because i thought when we had thick fog while it appeared to be raining it wasn't rain and now you are saying it is light drizzle. we have droplets. we have moved off the waterfront and you can pick them off in the light. if you are outside it feels like the rain because your hair gets wet, clothes get wet and feel tamp as fog-leghorn
4:34 am
ould say. anyway, the streets are wet, for some reason, the two right lanes, admiral wilson boulevard were blocked by police. it looked lake they were doing an investigation. they have tripod out there doing measurements. watch out for that coming over ben franklin bridge. at least you can make out bright police lights. again, right lane and middle lane were shut down, just now. here we are by cooper river, a lot more dense fog then what we saw at delaware river and we are by famous airport circle and little history since we're talking about high temperature record back in 1939, this was a airport where we were, and then it was an airport from 1929 to 1957, and , by the way, a little history here, karen and thomas the world ease first drive-in theater opened right where we are standing june 6th, 1933, on admiral wilson boulevard at airport circle, so, a very
4:35 am
historical spot where we are, not only my first job but the first drive-in theater and airport that gave this airport circle the same, they got rid of the circle this was new jersey's first traffic circle as well, they got rid of it but everybody around here calls it airport circle, who but that. >> we can always be called stuff. do you remember where strawbridges used to be or place back in the day. >> i miss so many of those drive-ins. i used to go to one in burlington county growing up, they are all gone, thanks, steve. 4:35. students are very, very upset, students across this country are making their voices heard demanding they have better laws to protect kids at schools. they say they are victims. there is a lot of them there. they went to the white house yesterday. they laid down, this is a demonstration in the wake of last week's mass shooting at the school in florida. white house says the president is opened to legislation, to expand background checks to buy a gun. while the accused gunman
4:36 am
in the high school attack in parkland walk in the courtroom for the first time since the shooting yesterday, lawyers for nikolas cruz said he will plead guilty to 17 counts of first degree murder to avoid the dose penalty. judge also ordered release of state record when show cruz admitted to feeling depressed months before the shooting. we had a pretty disturbing incident in our area outside a school, charter school, where there is a teen with a gun. lets get out to lauren johnson to explain at fredrick douglas mastery charter school with the very latest, lauren. >> reporter: police want to know exactly who this man is and they are lucky to find out what he did thanks to the many cameras that are perched up around this building. several captured these images last thursday. young man walking on 22nd street at some point he pulls a gun out, racking it and returns to it his sweat shirt pocket. he then tries to pull on the school front doors but they are lock and that made the difference in this case because young mandy side todd leave the school before he
4:37 am
could ever make it inside, armed. the school does well protecting students and staff not just with the cameras on the outside of the campus but office makes you ring a bell, identify yourself before you air lud in. once you step inside, metal detectors stand every single person, and why this young mandy sided on this school, in one knows. >> carrying guns. i'm scared. i'm scared for my life. unaudible. >> reporter: nikolas cruz brought a high powered gun on to a school campus in broward county in last week on valentines day, went on a deadly shooting spree. some people are wondering if the incidents we are seeing here in philadelphia are copycat crimes because last friday, a student brought a fake gun to school, yesterday police though charged that youngster in that crime, in this incident, happening last
4:38 am
thursday, police are just release ago this surveillance video but they are hoping that someone might recognize this young man and give them some information as to who he is and why he is here, karen and thomas. >> lauren, thank you. thirteen years ago danielle imbo and richard petrone vanish, last time anyone saw them they were leaving the bar in the 400 block of south street and heading toward petrone's black dodge pickup. despite the fact that more than a decade has passed the fbi and police continue to investigate. there is still a 50 you this dollars reward for any information leading to them or information, leading to an arrest, of whoever is responsible, for their disappearance. all right. we had a huge, day tone, weekend, and, boy, big name, lieutenant of people were watching. >> darryl, wallace junior making history on the race track, and we will tell you why coming up, sue serio. is the fogging to get in the
4:39 am
way of this happening we will talk all bit coming up in your weather authority, soupy forecast. coming
4:40 am
4:41 am
welcome back 4:41 in your health this morning woman remain at high risk of disease even after the age of 65. >> researchers a the georgetown looked at women between 65 and 74 and those 75 and older, overall, a first
4:42 am
degree family history of the disease leads to an increase in the five-year risk of developing breast cancer but increase depends on the age and the breast tissue density. experts hope that the findings influence screenings for older woman. wiping away student debt researchers at barr college out of new york says idea may be worth considering. according to the study canceling student debt could reduce unemployment rate by .3 t the gdp by almost a hundred billion dollar annually. researchers say forgiving debt won't drag economy down since college degrees lead to higher incomes. critics say it may lead to people borrowing more money expect ago this debt to be forgiven. if you are looking for love, watch your wallet, there is a new report that shows on line dating scammers have bilk out of a billion dollars. better business bureau say 82,000 people hoff used dating sites in the past three years
4:43 am
have been targeted. they showered them with compliments and all kinds of romantic text messages and promised dates only to take their money. we will take a quick break , remember fergie, all-star break, sang the national anthem this morning she has a few word about what happened there, we will tell you what she has to say, coming up but first a live look at boat house row, this morning, temperatures expected , in the 70's over the next few days, your full forecast coming up
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traumatic should ohio shows a train passenger sparking fire as getting arrested. this happened last month. official just releasing the video. you see the driver, rider, 28 year-old david ferguson who was allegedly splashing paint thinner on passengers. officers got on the train there and as they were arresting him, will, paint thinner spark. they were able to get the fire out. you see police there as the smoke consumes the camera. they take him off the train and facing several charges. >> that is scary. 4:46. hopefully we have easy, mild commute this is morning but i don't think that will happen with the fog out there. >> gets a check of roads and transit this morning. >> today will be a tough day, first day back is always crazy , everyone heading back to the office, all kids are back after a three day weekend and new we have wet roads and
4:47 am
fog. here's another old famous circle the marlton circle where olga's diner used to sit for so many years, a quick stop on the way to the seashore on route 70, 73. roads are wet. we are dealing with the fog. it comes up on you fast and thick at times, here's a live look at west chester and west chester pike, route 30 there in to malvern coming in through new jersey, some fog and not so much the speeds, giving yourself extra wiggle room to make sure you can see brake lights in front of you here on those side roads and area in the suburbs like chester county, montgomery county and doyletown. this is left over fire location, chestnut street close today from fourth to second street, so they are blocking everybody pushing you off at fourth street today and that is a different pattern from yesterday and it will be that way for rest of the day, otherwise mass transit, septa bus routes on detour but sueby has the forecast in 15 seconds
4:48 am
so record toss beat today are 70 degrees for february 20th to day's date set in 1939 and then 72 for tomorrow setback in 1930, and it business time we broke some of these. only danger today is how long does this fog stick around. we still have mild air in place and we have a good chance of at least tying that record if you are in to. that main point it is milder then average out there but first we have to get through very thick fog. this is one of the most foggy morning we have seen in a while and pretty widespread. quarter mile visibility at philly international. more than that in wilmington. it comes and goes. it looks like atlantic city is okay but wildwood is foggy.
4:49 am
no matter with you are, the entire area under a dense fog advisory, as you do your self a favor and leave earlier this morning so that you can take your time on the way n we don't want to show you any rain on radar but there is so much fog, that is, kind of drizzling out there this morning. ground as wet as steve keeley has been telling you, another reason to take it easy. 44 degrees in lancaster. unusually mild in trenton. we are at 51. it is still february, folks. thirty-nine in reading. forty-four in mount pocono. we have 54 in atlantic city. forty-six in cape may, rehoboth beach is 58 degrees, to start. seventy by the end of the day. seventy-four for tomorrow. and 49 degrees, on thursday, and so this is a cold front that comes through late wednesday night into thursday with some showers, will take us closer to average and it looks like the front will stall and hang around through the weekend close enough that we have a chance of showers in the forecast, every day
4:50 am
through the weekend, but at lee temperatures will recover somewhat. when this fog this morning we are going for 70 degrees, guys >> now we're spoiled. >> i know, right. >> forty's and 50's, no 70's. >> sue, thank you we will take it. here's another case of don't believe everything that you see on line. >> sylvester stallone is very much alive and not even sick here. over weekend someone started an internet hoax claiming that stallone had died from prostate cancer. they posted pictures of him with his hair falling out suggesting just how sick he had been. it wasn't long before he set rumors straight here please i go inner stupidity, i'm alive, well, happy, healthy, still punching even his younger brother frank got on line and said yes, his brother is alive and well and called them mentally deranged. fergie's responding to her
4:51 am
interesting rendition of the national anthem, do you remember this? >> ♪ ore the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ >> let's play some basketball. tweeting bit all over weekend, the all-star game you can see players, chuckling right there she tells tmz she wanted to try something special but it came out kind of specially, ugh, she said it didn't strike intended tone, lot of critics out there
4:52 am
saying that whole slow down jazzy take on the anthem did in the work, and that there were people, who were like what is she doing? she said honestly she tried her best. >> said it sounded great in rehearsal. today we will be celebrating, the 70's. warm up here. >> yes, springtime. >> getting spoiled, i am in that whole mode right now. so hopefully you'll get out and walk, maybe take lunch outside because it is going to be nice. before we take a break we will celebrate and honor black history month, we remember september day in 1986 when oprah winfrey launched her syndicated talk show in chicago of course changing daytime television forever. chicago of course changing daytime television forever. we will be right back this is charlie not coughing because he took delsym. chicago of course changing daytime television forever. we will be right back this is charlie not coughing while not to waking zeus.
4:53 am
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4:55 am
- hon- [narrator] going big (yelling) isn't always best. unless it's a aaa plus membership. get 100 towing miles and free emergency gas delivery. aaa. go ahead. everyone cannot stop talking about the runner up. >> it is historic, rookie buba wallace finish second, first african-american drive to start the 500 since 1971 and the only, nascar finish better than wallace by a black driver was wendell scott's victory in the jacksonville 200 in 1963. he had a hard time holding in his emotion emotios right after the race.
4:56 am
>> pull it together, buba, just pull it together, you just finish second, it is awesome. >> i just try so hard to be successful and my family pushes me each and every day. they may not know it but i just want to make them proud. >> what an emotional moment, thank you for. that so inspiring. wallace said it was a call from dale earnhardt junior that motivated him. >> time right now 4:56. don't go as fast as you did this morning. take it easy we are covered in a blanket of fog, hey there, steve. >> reporter: we have warm temperatures but never comes with warm weather. we need this stuff to start the day. so, of course, before it burns off the morning rush hour will be tough to see if you are driving around, lauren: >> reporter: hey there, steve keeley, one day after a florida school shooting massacre, a philadelphia teenager walks up to the doors of this school, we will tell you what he is caught on doing and why police say they want
4:57 am
you what he is caught on doing and why police say they want to find what's the mascara lash paradise from l'oréal. my lashes look amazing! ...fuller and longer! no wonder there's one sold every 5 seconds. see what your lashes are missing: try lash paradise mascara from l'oreal paris. you need our most gentle recipe. new oat delicacy, by whole blends. a caring formula. blended with oat milk and rice cream extracts. intensive moisture for hair. without the weigh down.
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only from whole blends. garnier.
4:59 am
right now on "good day philadelphia", it may be foggy outside right new but wait until later, it is going to feel more like spring, maybe even summer. who is ready for warm temperatures. plus parents, students on high alert. >> they need to find him because he could be going around to any school, he
5:00 am
probably dent go here, just a bully. >> police are looking for a teenager caught on camera trying to bring a gun into a philadelphia school, the action the school is taking this morning to keep students safe. before you head out the door today give your favorite animal a little bit of extra love today is extra love your pet day. "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> ahh. good morning. straight up 5:00 o'clock. share your amazing pets and dogs and anything that has fur or feathers with us. >> and love the pet you are w posing picture with sue's little roofus but look at this adorable little kitty. thanks for sending it in. my eyes are so bad. >> matthew white, thank you. >> the good good morning, gorgeous karen hepp. >> how adorable is t


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